About Us

At Z Gallerie it's all about family. In 1979, three siblings, Joe Zeiden, Carole Malfatti, and Mike Zeiden opened a small poster shop in Sherman Oaks, California. This new form of art was growing in popularity at the time, and through hard work and long hours the young entrepreneurs thrived. Together they operated the shop during the day and framed the posters at night in their parents' garage.
Before long, the three siblings had a number of stores, moved out of their parents' garage and began to conceptualize stores that carried more than just poster art. Their vision was to create a collection of fashion-forward and exclusive home furnishings, art, and accessories at an affordable price.
Today, more than 30 years later Z Gallerie stores are an ever-changing combination of stylish traditional and contemporary designs. Z Gallerie buyers are focused on designing and seeking out the most interesting and creative products from around the world, and right here at home.

With 57 locations across the United States and an online presence, Z Gallerie continues to inspire both professional and amateur interior designers alike. It's the perfect store to pop in for a unique gift, find pieces that will accent any space or begin to create entire rooms that are fashionable and stunning.

Z Gallerie is headquartered in Los Angeles with an additional  buying office in Berkeley. Joe, Carole, and Mike remain active and committed to their vision, while fostering a strong sense of family within the company. With more than 1000 employees it's a big task –but it works and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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