Shades of Fall

Welcome the season with a charming display of harvest-inspired decor and festive pumpkins. Explore our Fall assortment.



Fall Decor: Embrace the Season's Splendor with Z Gallerie

Embrace the spirit of the season with Z Gallerie's enchanting harvest collection. Each piece, from the shimmering elegance of the Pearled Pumpkin to the festive charm of the Floral Pumpkin in White/Gold, is meticulously crafted to bring warmth and style to your home. Dive into a realm of autumnal elegance and let these timeless treasures elevate your decor.


The Heart of Fall Decor

No fall decor is complete without the charm of decorative pumpkins. Z Gallerie's collection boasts a range of designs, from the understated elegance of small decorative pumpkins like the Gold Pomegranate Spray to the standout brilliance of the Gold Mushroom Ornament. These aren't just decorations; they're statements of style.


Harvest Decor Ideas

Looking for unique harvest decor ideas? The Eucalyptus Bundle in both gold and silver offers a fresh take on traditional fall decor. Pair it with the Glittered Magnolia Garland or the Metallic Eucalyptus Wreath for a look that's both contemporary and timeless.


The Essence of the Harvest Collection

Z Gallerie's harvest collection is more than just a range of products; it's a celebration of autumn's splendor. From the Velvet Pumpkin series, available in various sizes, to the intricate design of the Glittered Magnolia Stem, each piece is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and style.


A Symphony of Colors and Textures

The beauty of fall harvest decor lies in its versatility. The Mushroom series, available in both small and large sizes, captures the essence of the season, while the Teal Sequin Leaf Spray adds a touch of whimsy. Whether you're looking for subtle elegance or a bold statement, Z Gallerie has you covered.


Harvest Table Decor: Set the Mood

Setting the perfect fall table is an art, and Z Gallerie's harvest table decor makes it effortless. The Beaded Placemat and Beaded Runner offer a touch of luxury, while the Marble 3 Tiered Stand and Marble Nesting Trays bring functionality to the fore.


Celebrate with Z Gallerie

As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, Z Gallerie's collection ensures your home reflects the beauty of the season. From faux pumpkins that capture the essence of fall to the shimmering brilliance of the gold pumpkin, every piece is designed to enchant.