Hand Painted

Need a unique piece of art for your home that infuse your space with visible texture? Let Z Gallerie fill your walls with hand-painted wall art offerings that feature broad brush strokes and one-of-a-kind designs.

Each piece in our hand-painted canvas collection brings you artisanal design that infuses your home with luxurious style. The all-white Fresco and Icicles series—along with the off-white Descending Elements pieces—rely on thick, textured paint layers to give otherwise monochromatic canvases plenty of life. Hang any of the pieces in an entryway, or include the hand-painted masterpieces in a gallery wall collection. Get lost in the soothing tones of morning light in the abstract Blue and Bold piece, a perfect way to create a serene bedroom scene. Glittering embellishment and plenty of visible texture make the Premiere piece an elegant, dramatic accompaniment to a bar or dining area; let the metallic tones play off your dining room chandelier, table, and barware.

From broad brush strokes to minute hand-painted details, Z Gallerie offers high style and fine art at an affordable price point. Browse our exclusive selections both in stores and online.