Triptych, diptych, single piece of art—at Z Gallerie we know you need options when it comes to wall art sets. That’s why we offer unique, chic art series designed to work in any space, large or small, at attainable price points.

For an organic touch in a living area, add a wall decor set of shadowboxes containing gold and silver sea fans. Mounted against a linen backdrop in a champagne frame, the sea fans infuse a space with natural texture and warm metallics. The Possibilities and Potentials series blends together shades of greys, blacks, and whites for a trendy melange of abstraction that adds a saturation of neutral to an entryway. Our Pacific Palm series features leafy fronds in shades of watercolor indigo, with a clean finish in white matting against a white frame.

From smaller-scale abstract art in slim, minimalist frames and large, stretched canvas prints to organic objects mounted in shadowboxes and reproductions of classic works, find the art that expresses your unique style at Z Gallerie. We’re big on art and affordable on price.