Luxurious Rugs for Every Room

Modern area rugs can brighten the look of your home by adding pattern, texture, and notes of color. They also protect hardwoods, are easy on the feet, and warm up your floors during those colder months. Use these versatile floor coverings anywhere you walk—a hallway, living room, bathroom, entryway, or kitchen. Z Gallerie features an exclusive line of rugs in all sizes, materials, styles, and shapes.

Sophisticated Floor Coverings

Searching for a bedroom area rug so your feet land on something soft first thing in the morning? Look no further than the sumptuous Indochine Rug a stunning white shag rug with generous, lush piling. The Eastern-inspired pattern adds a lived-in elegance to the blue area rug. If you're craving something a little more offbeat, our Ayi Faux Cowhide Rugs come in a range of sizes, all with a quirky, rustic charm.

At Z Gallerie, we believe a modern area rug—large or small—infuses character, whimsy, or pattern into any space. Whether you’re looking for a braided rug, a plush high-pile rug, or a hair-on-hide piece, Z Gallerie offers rugs for every room for everyone's budget.