For versatile, functional lighting that keeps countertops clear, we love the statement-making Globe Pendant. Clear glass, half painted chrome, it's a piece of art all on its own. Match up a pair for max lighting, or keep it solo for minimalist mood lighting.

When you’re feeling like a little extra height might be just the right way to finish the room, we love the Century Table Lamp for the job. Scaling more than 3 feet tall with a back painted glass body, its elegant mirrored base and grand white lamp drum make a bold combo. It's topped with a matching finial for a monochromatic pop that only adds to the impact.

Make conversation the centerpiece of any room with the sculptural Axis Chandelier. Its spokes are made of solid glass, so light reflects at every angle to create a glowing masterpiece.
Its out-of-this-world design is inspired by sunbursts and galaxies, and it creates instant drama, no matter how you curate it.

At Z Gallerie, we guarantee you can afford to light up your whole home with our lighting options.