Author and plus size fashion blogger, Chastity's style
is a nod to classic with a twist—she's inspired by
leopard print accents and pops of color.

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Chastity's Top Five Picks for Fall: 1. Mongolian Pillow - I really love the fur pillow trend and having it in cerulean gives it a fresh look for fall. I'm so used to seeing fur pillows in white that cerulean makes it fresh. $159.95 2. Vargus Vase - This vase is so interesting and such a conversation piece. $149.953. York Dresser - The storage space looks functional in addition to the fabulous design. $1199 4. Benito Bedding - This bedding looks so luxurious, but it also looks inviting. I love bedding that I can see myself relaxing in. $199.95 5. Giraffe Sculpture - This accent piece is on trend and will look amazing anywhere in your home. $29.95
Meet Chastity

Where do you live and where are you from?

I live in San Jose, CA, but I'm originally from Brunswick, GA.

What do you love about Z Gallerie?

Z Gallerie is like home decor heaven. There are so many beautiful and interesting things that can make your home unique and expressive of each individual's style.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I describe my style as classic with a twist, meaning that I am daring when I want to be, but I love classic silhouettes.

photo: Chastity Garner Valentine
Chastity Garner Valentine quote: Z Gallerie is like home decor heaven. There are so many beautiful and interesting things that can make your home feel unique and expressive.

What's the inspiration for your favorite room in your house?

My inspiration is always modern, but I love including accents that are inspired by nautical themes.

What piece in your home is the most meaningful to you?

My couch. It is actually purchased from Z Gallerie. I felt like it was my first grown-up furniture purchase.

What's your Style Personality?

Glamorous Regency

What are your tips for keeping a home redecorating project affordable?

Repurposing items that you already have is huge, especially from a decor point of view. I've learned that some non-traditional decor items can be something you decorate with and make your space look interesting.

How do you keep on top of current design trends?

I am a huge magazine hoarder. I have so many subscriptions, so that I can stay abreast of what is new.

What items for the home do you recommend splurging on?

I recommend splurging on furniture that you will be using regularly, such as your dining table and chairs, dressers, and your couches.

Tell us about your creative process.

I actually dream about a lot of my own looks and styles. A dream could have me wake up in the middle of the night and start rummaging through my closet.

Tell us about how you started blogging.

I started blogging on a fluke. I was trying my hand at plus size modeling and I tore my ACL. I knew I would never walk in heels the same again, but very much loved the world of fashion, so while I was off my feet I started a blog.

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