Interior designer and mother of two, Jennifer embraces
beautiful yet practical spaces influenced by runway fashion,
abstract art, Hollywood glamour, and luxury travel.

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Meet Jennifer

Where do you live and where are you from?

I live in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. I grew up here as well.

What do you love about Z Gallerie?

I love the modern, yet glamorous style that Z Gallerie provides customers. Z Gallerie is always on trend.

What piece in your home is the most meaningful to you?

I have a bench that I love—my husband and I bought it on an anniversary trip years ago. We drove it home in our little car in a snowstorm so it's extra special!

photo: Jennifer Wagner Schmidt
Jennifer Wagner Schmidt quote: I love the modern, yet glamorous style that Z Gallerie provides customers. They're always on trend.

What's the inspiration for your favorite room in your house?

We're redesigning our family room and keeping with our current color scheme of grays, whites, and a touch of black. I just ordered the Theodore Sofas from Z Gallerie in white and cannot wait for them to arrive.

What's your Style Personality?

Naturally Luxe

Tell us about your creative process.

I draw inspiration for projects, depending on what it calls for, from fashion to nature.

Walk us through the process of one of your favorite projects.

One of my favorites was a complete overhaul of a condo for a young, fashionable woman. She let me take the lead—it turned out very glamorous and was so fun.

What items for the home do you recommend splurging on?

A comfortable sofa; a great kitchen table and chairs...basically pieces that you use every day.

How do you keep on top of current design trends?

Design is my passion so I'm always reading design books and magazines; catching up on top designers and what they are doing in the industry.

What are your tips for keeping a home redecorating project affordable?

The easiest ways to redecorate on a budget are painting and switching out accessories. Another idea is to move one piece from a room to another for a completely new look!

Tell us about how you started blogging.

I wanted to share beautiful images, ideas for design, current trends, and more. It felt natural for me to add this to my business since I like to write and love all things design.

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