NYC based Creative Director, Anthony, is inspired by
timeless and classic design, and he consistently
complements his love of vintage with a modern touch.

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Meet Anthony

Where do you live and where are you from?

Zio & Sons is based in New York City, but lately we are spending the majority of our time in the Hudson Valley.

What do you love about Z Gallerie?

I love the quality, and eclectic mix of items. They consistently offer unique design options for the modern dweller.

What's the inspiration for your favorite room in your home?

Our home is a mix of old and new. I am inspired by a feeling that a space can give someone. For our small NYC kitchen, functionality first and an open and inviting atmosphere. Finally, incorporating eclectic pieces helps keep the space feeling original.

photo: Anthony D'Argenzio
Anthony D'Argenzio quote: I am inspired by a feeling that a space can give someone. Incorporating eclectic pieces helps keep the space original.

What piece in your home is the most meaningful to you?

As a constant traveler, I tend to collect a lot of unique art, but especially paintings. Each one tells a story. Right now, it's a beautiful, 1920's oil painting of a woman in her wedding dress.

What's your Style Personality?

Traditional Twist

Tell us about your creative process.

I'm always interested in telling the story most authentic to the project. I start with research, and once I have my facts and needs for the project, I can start on the fun stuff. Pinterest and Instagram are two of my favorites.

Tell us about how you started blogging.

When I first started Zio & Sons, I was restoring antique furniture pieces in a studio in Manhattan. The company slowly morphed into a styling and creative agency, now offering creative services in the home, lifestyle and travel segments.

How do you keep on top of current design trends?

I try not to get too caught up in trends and stick with looks that are consistent and approachable. Sometimes we add a trendy element. I mean, who can resist a soft pink and succulents?

How would you describe your fashion style?

Quality, classic, relaxed, blue and white forever!

What items for the home do you recommend splurging on?

Light fixtures and a big, comfortable sofa.

What are your tips for keeping a home redecorating project affordable?

Do it yourself! Buy used, sale items, and salvage when possible. We just removed the doors off of an old cabinet, painted the inside navy and voila!

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