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Hudson Room Screen
$399.00 - $499.00

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Coralie Room Screen
$399.00 - $499.00
$338.99 - $423.99

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Appoint your rooms with the elegant touch of a Z Gallerie room screen. Folding room dividers transform space and dampen sound reverberations, adding a touch of glam, a hint of sophistication, and an accent of intimacy, all at a price point you can’t resist.

Contemporary styling with a hint of edgy glam, freestanding room screens create space, add depth when set flush against a wall, or fold easily for storage. To calculate just the right amount of space for Z-Gallerie’s approximately 49-inches wide room dividers, estimate expanse with a consideration of the partly creased jointed angles which make the screen free-standing. Then, find out how easy it is for Z Gallerie’s room dividers to add a hint of intimacy to your home. Versatile, beautiful, and accessible, create and recreate your space with Z Gallerie’s selection of room screens.

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