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    Cosmopolitan's Editor-in-Chief wanted an office makeover with a glamorous edge fit for her new role in NYC. She teamed up with Z Gallerie and Laurel & Wolf to create an office that matches the magazine's fun & fashionable aesthetic.

  • How would you define the Cosmopolitan woman these days? How do you think the design of your office reflects her?

    The Cosmo woman is definitely drawn to fun and adventure, and this office has an irreverent vibe that reflects that. There are unexpected elements for an office–such as the dining table [our Estella Dining Table in gold] as a desk. Cosmo women possess the ability to surprise and think outside the box.

    What were your goals for the space?

    I wanted it to look glamorous, but also be functional – and it accomplishes both!

    Why did you decide to design with Laurel & Wolf?

    I needed something done quickly and well, so Laurel & Wolf was the obvious go-to source for that. And because I have a lot of opinions about design, I was also looking for a collaborative partner to work with.

  • What's your favorite element in the design?

    I don't think I can pick just one because I love it all. But the furry chairs [our Axel Fur Accent Chairs] are conversation starters!

    How does this office function? What kinds of meetings, presentations and activities happen here on a daily basis?

    I hold staff ideas meetings in here and host celeb visitors (Ciara and Fergie have been recent guests). It's also a sanctuary for me.

    How does the design of the office reflect your taste in fashion?

    I hope I'm as fashionable and on-trend as my office! I would say the goal is always to be contemporary and chic with an edge.

  • What was the biggest challenge in the design process?

    Time was of the essence because we were in the middle of filming our docuseries for E! called So Cosmo (it airs starting in February), so we wanted the space to look good. It all came together very quickly.

    How do you feel about the space now?

    It feels like my home away from home.

Cosmopolitan Office Makeover