Wings Over Manhattan

ArtistCaite Dansbury
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   4.7 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 93% of reviews would recommend this product.
   LainieAirlinRetiree | CA | 10/11/2014


Being someone who loves airplanes and grew up in NY this was the piece I have been waiting 2 years for. Looking for the perfect thing to put in my bedroom over my bed that is an expression of ME. It looks incredible against my latte brown walls. Excellent! My 2 year search is OVER! Thank you!

   BrazilBabe | Los Angeles CA USA | 1/29/2014

We love it!

We had been eyeing this picture for a while and finally got it once I had a coupon. We love the look of it! It is a good size we kind of wished we had gotten the bigger size but it was much pricier. It totally fits our place and our love for NY and my husbands love for airplanes!

   fly2nite | Dallas TX USA | 9/8/2013

Creative License..

DC3 history must not specifically be one of Caites interests as she seems to have added a third engine and propellor to the nose of this well storied twin engined plane... Was in the store ready to buy it until I noticed this and as an aviation buff I couldnt bear to hang it.

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