Cloud Modular Sectional - Grey

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2-PC Loveseat
2-PC Loveseat

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Dimensions: 78''W x 39''D x 35''H
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$2,098.00  $1,257.97

Square Corner Chair
Square Corner Chair

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Dimensions: 39''W x 39''D x 35''H
Clearance items are a final sale and cannot be returned.
$1,049.00  $628.97


   4.5 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 89% of reviews would recommend this product.
   jesschicago | Chicago IL USA | 2/25/2018

Not great for kids or pets

We purchased this sectional 2.5 years ago when we moved into our new home. We loved the look and how comfy it was and how it was modular. Truth is its been in pretty much the same position this whole time. Its hard to find a coffee table that fits well and have resorted to using an ottoman with a tray. We also have to stuff it with pillows so older people and other house guests who dont want to sink into the sofa have back support. This really expensive sectional will mostly likely end up in our basement when we replace it with something more practical. Recently we discovered a rip in the leather. There are scratch like marks on the back that eventually ripped off. The leather on the chair section thankfully seems thicker than the backs and sides. I would not recommend this sofa.

   Tracy33 | Tampa FL USA | 11/10/2017

Love the Cloud but have a question.......

I have the Cloud sectional in gray. I wanted to know if Im supposed to put leather conditioner on it every so often. The store doesnt know and customer service says it doesnt need it just wanted to know what the correct suggestion is regarding leather conditioner. I know on other leather sofas from other stores they all suggest a conditioner to prevent cracking but maybe the Cloud does not need it anyone know? Thanks

   hopehall | Newport Beach CA | 9/20/2017

looks great great quality not comfortable because of pitch of back

This looked great but was so uncomfortable because the pitch of the back rest. We tried it for 2 weeks and no one could sit comfortably no matter if you were a kid or our friend that is 65.So bummed cuz quality and look was superb>>

   LLBrown | Elkridge MD USA | 8/23/2017

The Only Grey Cloud I Dont Mind

I recently purchased a new 4 level townhouse with a loft and rooftop terrace and this set is perfect for the space! And I was fortunate to catch it on sale! The delivery guys were cool lol just werent too excited to bring it up to the loft. Absolutely LOVE the grey! Youll be amazed with the different accent color pillows and throws you can add to it and it ALL matches. Blues greens yellows reds purples - they ALL pop on the grey! The leather is quite thick and durable - not that bonded leather stuff! The pieces are solid but not unbearable to move around - well it is on carpet but thats the friction of carpet. I like that its on the firm side yet comfortable. I dont like couches that you sink down into. These pieces gives you ample seating space to where youre not overly crowded while sitting. The stitching is flawless! I was expecting to catch a minor error or something--- nope! Perfection all around! The craftsmanship gives this set that upscale appeal yet youre ok to lounge and chill. Im loving the fact this set has been around for years on ZGallerie and yet its a timeless option to choose. Its like a forever modern sectional thats unlike the traditional leather sectional with the overstuffed back and arms and recliner ends.

   Gonzo | Lakeland Fl | 6/24/2017


We purchased the 6 piece grey cloud sectional a few weeks ago and already have ordered 2 more additional pieces. This cloud is amazing we get lots of great compliments. One of the best investments weve made yet. Comfortable and very durable and easy to clean. We will definitely be purchasing another one soon for the upstairs living room.

   NickH | Tampa FL | 5/10/2017

Best Couch

I bought this a year ago. All 6 pieces. Its amazing. No ragrets.I actually saw this in the store about 3 years ago and held off for a long time because it is expensive. I looked for other sectional pit type couches and I could not find anything comparable. I finally found some similar products but they were actually 2-3X MORE EXPENSIVE. So while it is a lot this couch is actually a bargain for what you get. Its high quality real leather. Ive spilled things on it but cleans right up. It looks bit but trust me its not too big. It fits in my 1br apartment just fine.I have a cat which was really concerning when I first got the couch. Cat claws can destroy leather pretty quick. There are a few marks from the cat running across the room and jumping on the couch. Theyre not very noticeable but something to keep in mind if you do have a cat. Make sure you have a scratch pad or post to draw their attention. You definitely dont want them intentionally scratching on the couch.10/10 would buy again.

   Johea | Seattle WA USA | 3/24/2017

Best most versatile sectional you could ever want

I bought this sectional without sitting on it and was worried but its the best purchase I have ever made. The couch is extremely comfortable (we fall asleep often on it) it is versatile in the different ways in can be arranged. As a renter each living room is sized and shaped differently so this couch is perfect. As a sectional it is easy to move each individual piece (in elevators and through doors) as well as rearranging the pieces when guests come over. I couldnt recommend this couch enough.

   AndeeBe | Houston TX | 3/24/2017

So comfy and gorgeous but I can still smell the chemicals after 3 weeks!

I really love this piece. My kids and I visited this sectional (our sectional!) in the store for at least 4 years before I talked my husband into buying it for our game room. Its perfect for movie nights for our family of 6 - so roomy and comfortable!!! I took off a star because of the chemical smell which still hasnt completely dissipated though the sectional has been here over 3 weeks. It was so bad in the beginning that even with all the windows open in the room and 2 fans blowing at all times none of us could spend more than 15 minutes in the room without getting a horrible headache. Hoping this isnt a long-term thing...

   JuJu17 | Spring Hill TN | 2/1/2017

Love the look!

This is exactly the style and material Ive been seeking. I only have ONE reservation. I am super spoiled with my 3 reclining options in my La Z Boy. Its just not the look I want. Can anyone attest to the laid back comfort this set offers without the kick-up foot rest. I realize the ottoman and the chaise will take care of some of this. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

   Mackk | Florida USA | 8/31/2016

Nice.. but...

So we received this about 2 months ago.. overall appearance and fit/finish very nice! The disappoint was in the firmness of the couch. It is nothing like the showroom models simply due to the break-in period that the floor models have experienced. That said my expectation is that this couch will be every bit as comfortable as the tested model after a good bit of break-in. overall were happy with it aside from a moan hear and there regarding the stiffness. I think this couch will ultimately live up to the expectations especially as time goes on.

   Jgrant06 | Ashburn VA | 8/31/2016

Worth the buy

Me and my wife bought this couch 4 months ago and we are still in love with it. We have actually dreamed of owning the put sectional since we started dating. The leather is very soft and durable (at least so far). There is not a bad spot on the pit sectional. We have the couch set up in a L shape with the ottoman in the middle. We put the couch in a pit when we have friends over to watch a movie. Once we get a basement this couch will be perfect in a theatre room.

   Jen76 | Dallas TX USA | 5/11/2016

Its so Stiff and uncomfortable I want to Cry!

I finally talked my husband into purchasing the cloud couch in grey for our theater room to replace our old sectional. We received it today delivery service was great. The couch looks beautiful. I sat in it right away and thought this is much stiffer than the cloud I sat on in the Store. Later in the day my kids came home from school excited to see our new couch. They all complained to me that it was hard. Then tonight my husband and I piled on with the kids to watch a show and after 30 minutes my husband and I looked at each other and said this purchase was a mistake. I am so sad I love the look and color but the cushions are so stiff and uncomfortable it will have to go back! This is way too expensive a purchase to not be comfortable.

   Buz2 | Las Vegas NV USA | 12/19/2015

Very nice!

Great for the family room! Comfortable and stylish

   Bn2301 | Orange County CA USA | 8/17/2015

Cloud Modular Grey Sectional

The Cloud modular sectional is best thing ever! My family and friends love to come over and watch movies. You will not be disappointed.

   DallasDiva | Dallas TX USA | 7/7/2015

3+ years and it is still as good as it was brand new

We love it so much we bought another for a different space in our house. We configured it as the picture in our home theater. Way better than media room seats.

   SarahMc | Louisville KY USA | 5/19/2015

I own 19 of these amazing couches!

I have 19 vacation rental condos that are large lofts + these couches are hands down one of the main reasons that my guests are blown away by my spaces. I get asked *all* of the time where I bought these couches.We configure them in a million different ways depending on our guests needs. One time we did a massive dinner party in the loft (for 100+ people) + it was completely possible because we were able to rearrange our mega-cloud couch (thats what we call our creation because it has 8 pieces to it) into a banquette all the way down the 40 wall. It made comfy seating for the dinner party + was so easy to rearrange. If we had a regular couch this size we could never have done this because it would have been nearly impossible to relocate + store the couch.I own all 3 colors. I like all of them. We actually have 8 of them in white + it used to make me nervous with the number of guests that cycle through the lofts. But in nearly 2 years of renting out my space only one piece of one couch has been stained + we were able to get it 95% out + it has faded over time. So if you like the white one I wouldnt shy away from it.The brown one is so dark that it almost looks black in the right light. I say almost though because it is most decidedly brown just a very very dark brown.Im finding that the gray one is the most versatile for our uses. It can go in + out of most any loft that we have.In short I bought the 1st one for me personally I fell so in love with it + had so many people fall for it that I bought 18 more to furnish my rental condos. Go for it... you wont regret it!

   tinamswain | West Sacramento CA USA | 4/15/2015

Love it!

So weve had this couch for about a month now and I love it! I ordered all six pieces together and we have it set up in a four-piece L-shape sectional and a separate two-piece chaise. We have two indoor dogs (one large one medium) that we allow up on the couches with us. It appears to be holding up quite well but I do make it a point to buff their nails once every 4-6 weeks.I ordered the grey color and I noticed that it does show dust and dirt fairly easily but probably not nearly as much as the white one would. I have found it easy to keep clean with a leather cleaner/conditioner.Overall Im really pleased with this purchase. Its great for movie night and super comfy when unwinding from a busy workday!

   AllieC | Los Angeles CA | 11/16/2014

Love The Cloud!!!

We have had this for over a year. I had the opportunity to see the white brown and grey clouds in person at the same time. The grey isnt really that grey and when viewed without the brown for side by side comparison actually could be considered dark brown. Being someone who would normally go for brown in such a choice I was really glad I got to see the two choices in person. Its hard to explain but the grey looks more neutral and mellow than the brown. I think it might have a more matte finish to it not sure. Anyway I recommend the grey.I was looking for a sectional that did not require a commitment. I have had friends who had a left or a right sofa that suddenly did not work when they moved to a new house. The fact that this can be put into many many formations lets you relax both literally and figuratively! We actually have it split between two rooms right now with a smaller pit formation in our den/tv area and a sofa formation in our family room for the kids to sit on while playing video games. One of my favorite things is that the ottoman lets you make an armless or a corner into an instant chaise.Had a house guest sleep on the pit in our den for several days and was very comfortable. We have two smallish (12/14 lb) dogs that go on it and have not had any scratches or nail issues. Its so low maintenance a must with young kids and animals. Just wipe it off. I always wanted a sunken conversation pit when I was a kid. This is a fun modern version. Everyone who comes over loves our cloud and wants to know where we got it.Another unexpected plus is that the leather is not cold. Another thing thats hard to explain but I have sat on cold leather couches. Maybe its the soft feel of the leather or the grain? But it feels like a plush leather. Its perfect not too hard and not too soft. In pit form you do sort of have to crawl or slide to the deeper parts and its easy to do for my mom in her 60s my husband and I in our 40s and of course the little kids have no problem. I have even thought about getting another ottoman to have more options when the cloud is split up.I dont generally write reviews. But I love this sectional so much and I know a lot of people cant get to see it in person so I wanted to share my thoughts. This is the most useful genius fun easy and cool looking piece of furniture Ive ever owned! Highly recommend. Really cant go wrong--even splitting it up among different rooms if you dont have room for the full cloud right now.

   CAandAZ | Scottsdale AZ | 9/26/2014

Serial Furniture Buyer / Shopper

I have purchased a few sectionals from various vendors over the years from KREISS Robb & Stucky and Copenhagen... this is my favorite one so far (and the most modestly priced in comparison). Rather than purchase the full square I purchased three armless back pieces and two ottomans so that it configures as a sofa with two chaises - basically eliminating the two corner pieces. With a large tray on one of the ottomans there is no need for any coffee table in front of the sectional.Great Quality comfort durability and love the grey color .....

   Glenn | Orlando FL USA | 12/12/2013

love it

Lets the whole family including the dogs enjoy a relaxing evening together . Thank you

   JB10 | Texas | 11/22/2013

beautiful sectional but be prepared to rearrange!

My husband & I originally chose this for an open modern loft and it worked is a little awkward having older guests over though when you have it arranged certain ways because these chairs really do you suck you up! Our guests are all pretty relaxed but more traditional guests find it odd to sit up straight and proper for conversation. Being able to move all of the pieces around is fun just be prepared (especially if you have short attention spans like my husband & I) to want to move the pieces around ALL the time and design your room accordingly! We havent exactly found a way to situate the pieces yet that works functionally with a coffee table which has been annoying. So if you like to eat or drink on the couch keep this in mind. Overall very cool piece but also pretty needy.

   mastamike | southern Oregon | 8/8/2013

$15000 in sofa experiments later we have found nirvana

I am embarrassed to admit the number of sofas and sectionals my wife and I have bought over the past 15 years. We loved them at first but as the months went by theyd become less and less comfortable or our taste would change a year or two later. The Cloud Sectional is amazing literally the most comfortable sofa Ive ever sat on. Im 6 and 200lbs and my wife is 52 and 105lbs....each of us are blown away at how comfortable it is. It IS dont underestimate the floor space it requires but if you have the room I cant imagine a better choice. We chose the dark grey. We are typically warmer color people but didnt want the brown. Happy we did its a dark grey but not charcoal...with the slightest hint of brown in it. We get tons of compliments and where did you get that? questions. Love it love it love it. Buy it you will save money in the long run by not having to by a new sofa every few years :)

Thank You