Vapor Daybed Sectional - 2 PC

Vapor Daybed Sectional - 2 PC


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Vapor Daybed Sectional - 2 PCLeft Arm Facing
Color: Stanford Charcoal
Stanford Charcoal
Stanford Charcoal

Stanford Charcoal

97% Polyester/3% Nylon

A rich, soft texture of highs and lows that add depth to this fabric. Engineered for a soft hand feel. Cleaning code WS.

Stanford Linen
Stanford Linen

Stanford Linen

97% Polyester/3% Nylon

A rich, soft texture of highs and lows that add depth to this fabric. Engineered for a soft hand feel. Cleaning code WS.

Sorrento Midnight
Sorrento Midnight

Sorrento Midnight

100% Polyester

This extraordinarily soft fabric lends itself to rich, saturated colors. Cleaning code WS.

Dublin Dove MH
Dublin Dove MH

Dublin Dove MH

100% Polyester

Thickly woven microfiber creates beautiful texture and rich color. Cleaning code S.

Jessica Charcoal
Jessica Charcoal

Jessica Charcoal

95% Polyester/5% Nylon

A sophisticated weave creates subtle highs and lows. Cleaning code WS.

Serena Iron
Serena Iron

Serena Iron

100% Polyester

Performance. This tight weave fabric has a soft hand and performance features. Engineered for durability and lasting saturated color this fabric is stain resistant and water repellent. Cleaning code WS.

Serena Stone
Serena Stone

Serena Stone

100% Polyester

Performance. This tight weave fabric has a soft hand and performance features. Engineered for durability and lasting saturated color this fabric is stain resistant and water repellent. Cleaning code WS.

Serena Linen
Serena Linen

Serena Linen

100% Polyester

Performance. This tight weave fabric has a soft hand and performance features. Engineered for durability and lasting saturated color this fabric is stain resistant and water repellent. Cleaning code WS.

Amalfi Charcoal
Amalfi Charcoal

Amalfi Charcoal

100% Polyester

A small herringbone pattern adds a rich depth to this fabric while the soft pile adds supreme comfort. Cleaning code WS.

San Marino Charcoal
San Marino Charcoal

San Marino Charcoal

100% Polyester

Performance. The rich, soft texture of velvet combined with the performance of a microfiber. Engineered for durability and lasting saturated color this fabric is stain resistant and water repellent. Cleaning code WS.

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   4.3 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 85% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Elle | Tucson, AZ | 4/25/2019

Oh so stylish exceedingly comfortable durable fabric

We have owned this sofa in Stanford Grey for well over 2 years. It looks as good as the day it was delivered. I constantly get compliments on this piece and I entertain often. I love the clean modern lines unlike the clunky puffy sofas that I associate with bargain furniture. We do not have an issue with the \bar\ mentioned in some reviews. No one sits there anyway as it is where the two pieces join. I was hesitant to order online so I was very pleasantly surprised that ordering and delivery were so seamless. This sectional is great for conversation when entertaining guests. It is also great for sitting to read lounging and especially napping. We spend many blissful weekend afternoons relaxing and dozing in comfort. It exceeded my expectations and is one of the best furniture purchases I have made in the last 30 years.

Age: 51 to 60
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: Online
   none | Sugar Land, TX | 12/3/2018

Vapor Daybed Sectional

Received the Vapor sectional last week in Serena Iron. This couch far exceeded my expectations! It is a beautiful med/light grey color sits firm but very comfortable-good reclining angle for the back. It is comfortable enough to use as a guest bed. The fabric is soft to touch but with the look of linen. This color was in stock and I got the order in under 2 weeks. I looked at almost every furniture store there is -including a custom Lee industries sofa from a designer. For the money this absolutely cannot be beat.

Age: 41 to 50
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: In-Store
   tootie | Baton Rouge | 9/11/2018

Ready to sale

This is the most uncomfortable couch that Ive ever purchased. Its a beautiful couch and everyone tells me they love it BUT its uncomfortable. My husband tells me weekly that he hates it. :(

Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Female
Dwelling: House
   MichelleS | Kansas City | 8/6/2017

poor fabric quality

We bought this sectional less than 2 years ago and the seams / stitching are coming apart. This sofa is lightly used and well cared for. Way too expensive of a product to last two years.

   deuxchats | San Jose CA USA | 8/4/2017

Love this sofa - Especially the color

We ordered the Vapor day bed sectional in the Midnight Sorento velvet-like fabric. We ordered it around the 25th of May and received it around the 25th of July. It was a long wait longer than what youd have if you ordered it in one of their stock colors. With that said we are so happy that we went with the custom fabric...its absolutely beautiful wonderfully soft and an amazing pop of color as were living in an apartment and are stuck with white walls. The only complaint I have is that one of the corners was wrapped a little too tightly around the wood frame or bumped and the fabric was a little thin in a spot as a result. I happened to have a permanent marker in the same shade and I only need a little dot of the marker to solve the problem. Not thrilled about it considering its a pricey investment for us but also not willing to wait another 8 weeks for a new one. I didnt mention it to my husband and he hasnt noticed a thing (and he would). Weve had it for a little over a week and have two cats and the fur hasnt really been a major issue. Ive removed hair using our handheld vac a few times and a lint roller once both methods worked fine. I really hope that this sofa will stand the test of time and continue to hold its shape and be comfortable long into the future.Some people have mentioned being able to feel the frame where the two couches meet - Its true but not very noticeable and not uncomfortable in our opinion. Others have not liked that the two pieces are separate and not hooked together in any way - we have carpet so we havent experienced the two pieces moving at all. And in my opinion its kind of a plus; when we have overnight guests I think we could spin one half around to make an actual bed.

   ProudToBeOregonian | 7/25/2017

4 kids & 4 years later.. still great

Sort of shocking... that 4 years later with heavy daily use from 4 young children and 3 adults in our house.. and the couch is still 100% together not stained or ripped.. holding up great. kids are always squishing down pillows but they have held their shape pretty well. I am pleasantly surprised!

   kkowal90 | Chicago IL | 7/25/2017

Stylish Piece

We bought this sectional four years ago (May 2013) and its still going strong! I love that there are no cushions- no losing the remote or your keys!APPEARANCE: We have the charcoal color (which was the only color available at the time) and its a nice neutral color that fits with almost any modern color scheme. The microfiber is perfect for pet owners. Our two grey cats sit on it all the time but its not covered in hair.MAINTENANCE: You do need to vacuum out the tufts since its easy for crumbs and dust to collect in there and you cant just flip it over. Other than that the back pillows need to be fluffed on occasion. The microfiber is really easy to clean. I scrub it down about 2-3 times per year and spot clean if needed.OTHER: I am an average height woman and my husband is 63. We can both sit/lay comfortably on this sectional.

   GiHouston | Houston TX USA | 4/6/2017

Be aware of the wood bar!

This sofa looks great and make a impression in our living room. However the wood bar on the edge and between the sofa and the chaise make it really uncomfortable! Every night we complain about it!We definitely regret about buying this one.

   Gina24 | Maryland | 3/27/2017


Not much room for seating due to over-fluffed pillows. In addition carpet or rug is needed in order to keep the two pieces together. I could have went somewhere else to purchase a much bigger sectional (seating and length) for the price I paid for this one. Too much of a headache to send back therefore Ill keep it and place in a spare room. -

   Alex89 | Charlotte NC USA | 3/24/2017

Dark charcoal gray

Loved the sectional and super comfy and beautiful!! My only wish is that it was a lighter gray its very dark but its so worth it!

   theorganizedwife | Atlanta GA USA | 3/6/2017

You are going to love this sofa

My husband and I bought the Vapor Sectional 2 years ago; it was originally purchased for our super modern apartment. Because of the tufting on the cushions it even looks amazing in our traditional town home. It is absolutely stunning. I love the deep cushions pillow back and the dark gray color. It is definitely a statement piece in our living room. We have been using it every day since we brought it home and it still looks brand new! I recommend this sofa to anyone.

   Lstatt13 | 2/10/2017

Would buy again!

This was worth every penny! Holds up to kids and dogs very well. The fabric is durable and easy to clean. The cushions do require some re-fluffing and shaping from time to time. Love it!!

   Sierra | Cleveland OH | 1/11/2017

One of the Best Purchases We Have Made

Real quality is so refreshing. Especially on a bigger purchase like a sectional. So far this piece has survived two years of daily abuse at the hands of some energetic little boys a dog and parents who sleep on it way more than they should. It is modern yet classic beautiful yet functional. Most important comfortable too!

   Saba | 1/10/2017

The perfect couch!

I just moved into a brand new condo with a modern design and wanted to make sure my furniture did my new place justice. I have always been one to shop for comfort over style so the idea of getting a contemporary looking sectional made me a bit uneasy as I assumed I would have to sacrifice on comfort. I saw this piece online and loved the look but wanted to see it in person before buying. I went into the store with my family and as soon as we sat on this sectional (after all day of couch shopping) we looked at each other in understanding -- we found the one! Its comfortable well constructed beautifully designed and the neutral charcoal color looks very flattering. We ended up relaxing in the store on the couch for about 15 minutes before we even moved. A great buy and sure to please.

   DGieseke | Houston TX | 12/14/2016

Love this piece few bumps along the way

It took me a few visits to the store to decide on this piece but the style and color were screaming my name. I had it delivered and the service was great. They were missing four feet to half the sofa but customer service mailed them to me within a week. The sofa is comfy despite its clean lines and the fabric seems to hold up well. The only major downside is there is nothing to connect the two sections of the sofa so they slide around and apart on my wood floors. I thought that was a huge design flaw but Im making due.

   DR85 | Phoenix AZ | 12/13/2016

Great style uncomfortable unraveled after 1 yr

Great looking and style of couch but very uncomfortable if your main focus is comfort. I travel for work so rarely home and rarely sat on sofa yet the material started unraveling in several spots after 1 year.

   twedell3 | Seattle WA | 11/25/2016


Purchased this couch sheerly because of the look and took a chance purchasing it online. It arrived 2 days ago and we are very pleased. It looks just as amazing as it does on the site. Modern sturdy and comfortable. Very satisfied and pleased!

   Brookeb85 | Chicago IL | 11/22/2016

Love The Style but not the Comfort

While I am in love with the style of this couch I got to say that this couch is not the most comfortable. There is a bar in the front/side that you can feel makes it somewhat uncomfortable. I would have loved if this could have been more cushioned. I do get a lot of compliments on how beautiful it is just wish it were more comfortable is my one complaint.

   Lynz | Houston | 11/16/2016


Easily sits 7-8 people comfortably. Beautiful sturdy highly recommend. The charcoal color goes with a lot. Sooooo happy with my purchase!

   Lhill37 | Baltimore MD USA | 10/21/2016


Let me tell you if youre contemplating getting this sofa GO FOR IT! It is absolutely amazing. I had never even tested it in store. I bought it for the style and based on other reviewsand Im glad I did! I am in full love with my new couch. Theyre huge and comfortable and I imagine good for extra guests as its almost like getting 2 twin beds. I got the standard charcoal color and it looks even better in person as the fabric is like speckled but feels like a soft denim. I also love the firm cushions and dont have to worry about them flattening or losing shape. Happy all the way around totally worth it!

   ChooseANickname | San Diego CA | 8/23/2016

Strong Bones

My (unrefined) style is constantly evolving- boho modern rustic/farmhouse minimalist etc. This sectional works as a beautiful and versatile foundation piece depending on what the current bloggers and stylists are telling you is the current trend. The grey is gorgeous both pieces comfortably sleep your 20 something year old nieces who want to crash on the cool Auntys couch. I should have purchased the smaller version of the chaise due to my apartment size. Overall Im super happy with my purchase- however it did take WEEKS to deliver which sucked.

   MaryMaryQC | Las Vegas NV USA | 8/9/2016

Great sectional

I was looking for a sectional for my master bedroom. I needed something that would look good and be comfortable at the same time. When I first saw the vapor sectional I thought it was gorgeous however I didnt think it looked very comfortable. I was wrong. I went to the store to sit on it only once before I made my decision. The fabric is plush and feels very nice. It is very easy to keep clean. The seats are tufted and I think it makes it even more comfortable to sit on. There is plenty of room to stretch out and relax. I ordered it in the standard color-Stanford Charcoal. If I had more room I would have ordered it in the 3 piece version. I love this sectional!

   Shelbyrob | Atlanta GA USA | 8/5/2016


Had really high expectations after visiting the store. The couch looks perfect in the store. Assumed it would look perfect when it got delivered as well. Thought it would be worth the wait. The couch showed up wrapped like it was a piece of bubble gum. Once it was unwrapped it looked like I got the defected/refurbished couch. Where you sit looked good for the most part. But the pillows looked horrible. It looked like the pillows had been wrapped up for atleast a month. They have dents all over them. Opened the shams up looks like very cheap pillows which feel like paper and stuffed with foam I guess. Looked like the pillows were missing half the foam in all of them except one. Tried to hide it moving the pillows around but that didnt work. Each pillow goes in a specific place on this couch. Unfortunately dissapointed thought the quality would be much better. Good looking couch from far away.

   DrSpoiled | Austin TX USA | 7/12/2016

Vapor Couch

Um who makes a sectional that doesnt clip together? While I love the look of the couch it is annoying that overtime someone sits on it I am having to readjust it so they line up. Really? I dont get it.

   LAHH | Tampa FL USA | 7/4/2016


We have had this couch for 2 years. Originally it was in our living room but as we down sized it became our everyday couch. It is so comfortable and has worn well so far. It also hides spills well. We have the charcoal color.

   DominguezA | Caracas Venezuela | 5/12/2016

Beautiful sectional

More than happy! Love this couch fits perfectly in my living room very comfortable nice fabric . It was shipped pretty fast

   interiorMovement | Houston TX USA | 5/4/2016

Wonderful Trendy Tufted Sectional

We purchased this for a client in a high rise condon in River Oaks this sectional is well constructed and comfortable and fits into the space perfectly. I would suggest the Mongolian pillows from ZG two on either side was enough.

   Hill118 | Tampa FL USA | 1/27/2016

Chic modern comfortable

Love this couch. Looks very chic in my living room plenty of room for friends and kids to watch movies. If you remove the back cushions an adult could sleep comfortably on either side.

   Mlitmo | Milwaukee WI USA | 1/17/2016

Love this sectional!

My husband and I ordered this sectional on November 29th and it arrived on January 11th. The shipping time was a bit longer than we are used to with other furniture stores but the item arrived flawless. We have been enjoying our sectional and find it to be very comfortable. Ive fallen asleep on the chaise portion multiple nights in a row. The color is also a perfect neutral. Weve already received a ton of compliments from our friends and family. We did some shopping around and found that this is fairly priced. Definitely dont hesitate to purchase this beautiful sectional.

   ME0227 | 1/7/2016

So durable!

We have had this sectional for just over 3 years and it has held up amazingly. It is in the family room right off the kitchen where we spend a LOT of time so it has been well loved. I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old who commonly wonder into the room with food or messy hands. There has been baby diaper accidents and spit up on it and nothing has managed to ruin this sectional. Everything wipes right off of it! Not to mention it is also very comfortable! This piece is going to last us for quite a while it has been the best with small children.

   Sarahqutub | Dallas TX USA | 11/23/2015


This couch is really hard. My boyfriend and i have had it for a year now and its still not broken in. We both wish we never bought this couch.Great quality though and looks great.

   ECWill | 10/26/2015


I literally searched for the perfect sectional for about 6 months. I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to invest in a Z Gallerie piece. I even went to visit this sectional several times in the mall. I love everything about it. Luckily I was able to order before everything went on backorder so my sectional was shipped pretty fast. Ive had it since about June and Im still in the process of decorating my living room. Im so excited at all of the possibilities with this couch.

   GoFish | San Diego CA USA | 9/13/2015

Love but...

This couch is exactly what I was looking for. Love it. Z Gallerie has got to figure out how to deliver things more quickly. It took FOREVER from the time I placed the order in store.

   BrittanyS | Fairfax VA USA | 8/31/2015

Comfortable and looks great!

I bought this sofa because I was looking for a piece that was comfortable and that looks great! This piece is modern and classic at the same time. It looks gorgeous in my living room and it comfortable enough to hang out with my daughter and watch a movie!

   Tutuhoney | California USA | 7/22/2015

This couch has many uses.

I bought this sectional for a teen hangout place. Its sturdy and made well a perfect fit for gamingreadingmovies and sleeping. This is large and they had no problem getting it up stairs into the room. The Grandsons love it.

   Becstar | Long Beach CA USA | 6/16/2015

perfect addition

This is a wonderful piece of furniture and looks stunning in our home. The chaise is soooooo comfy and there is plenty of seating. Its a great sofa if you have to place it in front of a low window. It doesnt block the view at all.

   kkmama | San Jose CA USA | 4/29/2015

The couch is beautiful!

It fits perfectly in our second living room. It is super comfy. Modern but still so comfortable to snuggle with my kids! I have a lighter grey ottoman and the colors blend together great. Delivery took longer than expected.

   NYCNY | New York NY | 2/22/2015

Great sectional for our apartment!

My wife and I were looking hard for a sectional to fit our new apartment and decided to take a chance on this couch without being able to see it in stores. We read a few reviews back in the fall when we were looking and decided to go for it and take the chance. We couldnt be happier! The customer service over the phone was great delivery was easy and it only took about 3 weeks to get the couch here in NYC. We get compliments on it every time we have people over and would highly recommend it to anyone considering the purchase.

   HoustonHappy | Houston | 2/16/2015

Great Buy

Ive my sofa for 2 months and it is great. Looks nice in my living room and blends well with my faint yellow walls with gray concrete flooring. My two sons 62 (16yrs) and 50 (8yrs old) will be able to lay on sofa together for a long time

   sally55 | Oregon USA | 1/1/2015

Impressive sectional!

Id been searching for a sectional for months for our new home. When I saw this sectional in the store it was love at first sight. I loved the color(just what I was looking for) the sleek clean modern style and when I sat down I knew this was the one! I didnt sink down and it didnt feel as though I was sitting on concrete. It was delivered on time and now looks right at home in our living room. Im jealous that my husband gets to enjoy it everyday in our new home(he loves it) and look forward to the day when I can do the same. We would purchase the Vapor again and would highly recommend it to anyone!

   afgal | 12/26/2014

Excellent Purchase

I love the look the fabric and size of this sectional. It is a little firm but reasonably comfortable to sit and lay on plus it provides extra room for guests to sleep if needed. Im very happy with this purchase.

   Andie | Sacramento CA USA | 10/22/2014

No regrets

Looked long and hard to find a beautiful and affordable replacement for my last sofa. I could not be more pleased with the Vapor. Its the perfect blend of midcentury aesthetics while still being modern cool and comfortable. The only small fault I can find with the sectional is the frame from the sofa next to where it meets the daybed is noticeable. Not a deal breaker for me. Other than that its perfect.

   James14 | 7/26/2014

Nice looking but uncofortable

This couch is fantastic looking and stylish. We were looking for a L shape couch for tight space and it fit that need well. However the padding is low quality around the frame. The bar in the front is so poorly cushioned that the edge of the couch digs into your legs. Given the price this defect is ridiculous. Strangely the floor model did not have any problems so beware.

   BoulderMom | Boulder CO | 7/9/2014

Better than expected

I have been looking long and hard for a sectional that was reasonably priced and would go with my mid century home. I finally got to see this couch in person at the store and was very impressed. It was more comfortable than I imagined and its very stylish. I have been impressed with the overall quality and durability of this couch. I would recommend this to others.

   Momo2809 | Lake Milton OH 44429 USA | 6/25/2014


We went from a leather couch and recliner to this in our small home it fits perfectly. When we got it it came in two pieces that you slide together we thought you had to attach them but you dont our cats lay on it and you cant tell there is fur or any cat marks on it so far! Its very comfortable to lay and sleep on especially if you take off the back cushions! height is perfect for our small dog to jump up onto the couch. I can lay down completely as well as my fiancé on each part of the sectional we are both 59. Easy to wipe down with distilled water per recommendation from a zgallerie employee! Best purchase ever!!

   Everly | NY | 5/14/2014

Vapor Sectional

I purchased the Vapor sectional in white and it is perfection it is the perfect sized sectional for a small living space. I was not a fan of the color it comes in but it is stunning in white I am very pleased with my purchase (and you cant beat the price!).The only con is that the seats are a bit barrow.

   Tami | Salt Lake City UT USA | 3/19/2014

Love this sectional!

This sectional is extremely well made and it is so comfortable for both sitting and lying down. I ordered it in grey and it looks fantastic against my mustard yellow walls. Ill have this piece of furniture for years to come and never tire of it.It was definitely worth the wait for delivery.

   Superman | Chicago IL USA | 3/9/2014

Great buy for a bachelor!!!

I am a single guy who was looking for a sectional to fit the high end bachelor pad look that I was looking to create in my city apartment. I have had this sectional for about a week now and I am extremely pleased with it!It looks great in my apartment!!!

   decemberembers | Nashville TN | 2/15/2014

A wonderful investment!

This was my first big furniture purchase- I just paid it off after a year and I couldnt be happier with my investment! It is low profile which makes it less overwhelming and works well in my relatively small studio apartment (also much easier to get into the door and through awkward stairwells!)I bought it in the default grey color and it is a wonderfully cozy material that will mask any wear-and-tear stains in its lifetime.The only downside is that the break between each half is a little uncomfortable if you sit directly on it. I think its a small sacrifice for a couch that can work with a lot of different decorating motifs and still be comfortable enough to sleep and live on.

   larasf | San Francisco CA USA | 1/23/2014

Love it! had it for a year almost.

I am mom with 3 kids. this couch is in our family room looks great very comfy and sits 5-6 people easily. Paired with glass coffee table also from z. very happy customer.

   loraia | 1/9/2014

Awesome couch

Ive had this couch for about a month now and so far have no complaints. It looks sleek and feels awesome and each arm is long enough for me to lie down on. The color is neutral enough to go with a lot of things.

   ArtyMom | Grants Pass OR USA | 11/1/2013

Sleek stylish and comfortable

This sofa is gorgeous! Perfect size for our fairly large wide open living room. Fabric is a perfect medium grey and a cool texture and the tufting looks totally elegant. Weve only had this for about a week and a half so I cant speak about the lasting quality of the workmanship but so far we have no complaints. The two cons I might have are: the long wait time between ordering and receiving - around 5-6 weeks and how slippery the feet are on wood floors. If you do not have carpet you literally cant touch the sofas without them moving around. Home Depot and JoAnn both have sticky pads you can adhere to the feet bottoms #pry off the little pegs first# and that will completely fix the sliding issue though. Overall Im thrilled with this gorgeous sofa and hope it lasts a very long time! P.S. I sprayed the sofa with 2 full cans of Scotch Guard to try and ward off any future stains so fingers are crossed this guy has a long life!

   Sakina84 | Brookfield WI USA | 10/3/2013

Awesome purchase

I love this sofa. It feels great to sit on especially the chaise is super comfortable to lie down and watch some TV or take a nap.The style is perfectly matching my contemporary decor. Its quite large and can very comfortably seat 5 people or more if need be.The product I received matches the description and photo on the website!

   Vixx39 | Chicago IL | 8/8/2013

I like the tufting and sturdiness of the pillows

Ive had the Vapor sectional for 2 weeks and I really like it; super-duper comfy great design & fabric. This fits my city apt. without overwhelming my living space. I ordered it because my partner thought my girlie settee was too small & feminine for him glad I listened to him now we can cuddle watch t.v. and doze off!!!

   eric12 | chicago IL | 7/24/2013

I was attracted to this sectional because of its unique design The comfort has been amazing.

This is really a different design out there in the sea of sofas I am very happy with my choice.

   Tiziano | 6/30/2013

We love it!

We had this delivered about 5 months ago. Its the perfect size and look for us. Im short husband is tall and both of us are comfortable. Lots of seating space for a smaller sectional. The clean modern look is perfect in our home. I waited to review to see how it would hold up because it gets a lot of everyday use. We bought the same fabric that is in the store and it cleans well. Still looks like the day it was delivered! Very happy with quality and value.

   ZGfaninSF | San Francisco CA USA | 6/26/2013


We got this lovely and stylish sectional for our city apartment and I cant imagine anything else fitting as well. When my partner and I started looking for a sofa her only requirements was something she could comfortably lay on all day when sick and it was! I love the color and fabric (which repeals dog hair YAY!) and the fact that you can take out back cushions and have 2 guests sleep on it without any complaints.Big plus for a great delivery service (in the bay area) who went above and beyond getting this up our wonky flight of stairs.

   zbrat | 6/14/2013

poor quality

Ive had this sofa for a few months. Its pretty uncomfortable there is a wood bar that makes this sofa uncomfortable if you sit for more than 20 min. Also its cheaply made and the legs are wobbly.

   Chillpill | Austin TX USA | 4/27/2013

Poor Material / Beautiful Design

I have had the couch for 4 months now and can already see the seems splitting. Just recently I noticed where the delivery team sliced the couch with a razor blade when they cut the plastic off. Very disappointed. Getting it re-apolstered at a cost of $1000. Save yourself the effort and by something else.

   Kris910 | 4/5/2013

Love at first seat

I spotted this sectional on display in the Tampa Z Gallerie store. The minute I sat on the firm seat and leaned against the supportive back cushions I fell in love. This was the sofa I had been looking for!The sectional is roomy enough to fit several family members or guests and it is probably the most comfortable sofa that Ive sat on. It is an attractive piece of furniture with wooden legs and a grey fabric that coordinates with many patterns and colors.I am petite so finding a sofa that doesnt require me to lean way back when Im sitting on it can be a challenge. This sofa eliminates this problem. Furthermore the quality is evident in the piece and it makes my living room look high-class!

   modernab13 | California USA | 4/3/2013

Looks great clean lines comfortable.

Have had this sectional for 6 months. We love it! It looks very chic and modern. It has lots of seating and is comfortable to curl up in. The only issue I have with it are the back cushions. The filling has begun to pile so once a week or so I have to fluff them so that they dont look lopsided. LOVE that its made in the USA!!!

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