Luxe Crystal Table Lamp

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Dimensions28''H x 15" Diameter
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   4 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 80% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Califgirl | Seattle WA USA | 5/28/2016

Absolutely beautiful

The one review I had to go on said this was just lovely but didnt recommend getting it. Since it sounded like the only complaint was the lack of hardware I decided to get it. I bought two of them to go next to my bed and they look fabulous. A couple of the crystal prisms were slightly chipped but a phone call to customer service and within two days I had replacement parts. All the hardware came with both of mine. Pretty simple to put together. I just love them and highly recommend getting them if you like the way they look on the website.

   deb62 | Portland OR USA | 12/25/2015

Looks lovely

But it would have been great if all the parts showed up. I got this as a Christmas gift but there must be some hooks that hang all of the glass pieces. No such luck on receiving those. Just those pesky details in packing a box. Seems to me when you sell an item the first thing you do before accepting the money is to see if you just sold someone what they thought they were buying.

Thank You