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   3.7 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 73% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Ralph | Miami FL USA | 9/27/2018

Watch out for falling stones !

After a few months after purchasing this piece of art work the stone fell off its original setting.

Age: 55 to 64
Gender: Female
Dwelling: House
   lqtea4 | Orange CA USA | 3/6/2018


I fell in love the time when I saw this online...but when I received this in the mail the one I got was just one piece of navy color stone so I brought it back to the store to exchange it...finally after 2 stores I found the piece that I want(but had scratches around the frame). My suggestions is that you have to go into the store and find the right one since this is natural stone and every single one is different.

   Oaktown | Maryland USA | 11/27/2017

Nice art piece if not for scratched frames

The problem is the frame. The frame was scratched and damaged when received. I had to photograph the item before the return was approved. Once approved a replacement was sent. The frame on the replacement was also scratched but not as noticeable as the first one. I decided not to return it because of the hassle. I subsequently read a review that had the same complaint about the frame being scratched/damage. Unfortunately anyone who purchase this item should be on notice that these frames are scratched/damaged. A nice piece of art if it werent for the scratched frames.

   Lily88 | Oak Lawn IL | 8/14/2016

Blue geode

After reading the reviews I actually went into the store to buy them. One is blue/gray and the other has more gray with a little blue. They add a different look that I really like.

   DecoratinginNY | New York | 1/14/2015

Blue geode

Blue geode is a beautiful rich color. Looks quite different from the picture. It is even more stunning in real life. Beautifully framed also.

   Julia10 | Boston MA USA | 6/25/2014

Good value and great looking

Beautiful blue geodes...look great. Overall a good product for the money and very unique.

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