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   3.2 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 65% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Naazim | Sugar Land, TX | 3/4/2019

Nice piece but paint is flaking out the box

It's a nice piece but the paint/ silver leafing is coming off in many places out the box. Quality control on this item is poor. I don't know how they let these out of production looking the way they do. Definitely not the Zgallerie quality I've come to know. Disappointed to say the least.

Age: 18 to 30
Gender: Male
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: In-Store
   llew | DC | 1/18/2018

Very disappointed

It is very disappointing when you spend your money for things that are advertised one way only to receive it another way. I saw this item and loved it. It arrived well packaged. I opened it to make sure the glass wasnt broken or that the edges werent chipped. All seemed well until I was ready to hang it on my wall. I was so disappointed in the quality of the finish. See in the attached photos. I did not feel like going though the hassle with this company because they are not customer service driven. Now every time I walk by the piece in my living room I cringe. but what to do....

   Decker | Long Island New York USA | 10/13/2017


Looks beautiful over my Delmar couch but the silver wood frame needs a touch up. Very marked up and distressed looking .

   AngieS | 7/18/2016


This such a unique piece! I put it over my couch and will put two candle sconces on the sides. Its huge and so pretty!

Thank You