Spencer Table Lamp

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Dimensions15''W x 24.75''H
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   3.3 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 67% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Disappointed | Costa Mesa, CA | 3/15/2019

Broken promise

The lamp is quite beautiful but our dealing with management were awful! We purchased this beautiful lamp on a Sunday only taking one and returned to store in under 24 hours to purchase a matching mate. We were told they couldn't honor the price as it was a mistake? We were given that price over two days by two different sales people. Dishonorable treatment at South Coast Plaza store management.

Age: 51 to 60
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: In-Store
   Princetonista | Princeton, NJ | 2/1/2019

Beautiful Lamp-Mediocre Shade

This is a very well priced crystal lamp. It is heavy and substantial will not tip over. Three settings of brightness with included led bulb.\nOne of the lamps has a shade that was bent a little and when you turn the lamp on you can see lines where it was bent. I intend to ask for a replacement.

Age: 41 to 50
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: Online
   MK | ormond beach, FL | 1/3/2019

poor design

Not visible in the pictures is that the power chord comes off the top of the lamp by the light bulb. Most lmaps have the chord being routed through the center of the lamp coming out the base so as to hide it. Since this is a clear glass lamp I understand why they did this but it looks ridiculous from the side when you view it because the chord has to travel on the outside of the light. An option would have been to use a clear chord and run it through the center. Otherwise its a beautiful lamp.

Age: 51 to 60
Gender: Male
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: In-Store
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