Dust of Dawn

ArtistBeverly Fuller
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Dimensions40''W x 60''H
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   5 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 100% of reviews would recommend this product.
   RedondoGirl | 5/25/2017

Absolutely Perfect

We have grey walls in our apartment and gold accents so we knew this would be a great fit. However now that it is in place we found it to be absolutely perfect. No matter what lighting natural from the window or ceiling it sparkles in so many different ways. The pictures online do not do this piece justice. I remember when I first saw this painting I was walking in the mall and literally stopped in my tracks when I caught a glimpse of it. I rarely go to Z Gallerie but I came back multiple times just to look at it. My boyfriend finally bought it for our place for our anniversary and I have to say it was so worth it. It even goes well with some of the silver pieces we have truly versatile!

   Rakin2 | New York | 3/24/2017

Perfect piece that subtly lights up my room

This photo looks different than photographed but looks 1000x better. I would have never purchased it online but i passed by the store and it looked beautiful while mounted in their display. I have it sitting horizontally on my wall and cant stop staring at it.

   Juliedee | 7/16/2016

Very glam

My husband and I went shopping for nothing in particular and we came across this piece. We have a huge wall to fill and this is truly beautiful in person. It has very sparkly pieces of gold and fills up in our room with sparkles and reflection when the sun hits it just right. my husband actually likes this just as much is me even though it is a gold and white sparkly piece. The gold part of the canvas which has the sparkles is slightly raised abd bumpy and has some texture to it.

   Bibibo | Tarpon Springs FL USA | 7/15/2016

Unique reflecting crystals

Amazing painting. When light hits the crystals its creates a reflection of beauty. This painting is a showstopper and will catch everyones attention.

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