Acrylic Tic Tac Toe

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   ChinaDoll8 | San Diego CA USA | 7/31/2016

Great game if you want to look at it

I dont understand how the company has managed to make this game as an acrylic piece and still forget to make sure that there are 5 Os (only 4 are included). For the price of a tic tac toe game its pretty hefty and doesnt make it a great buy without the added O. Its pretty much a no brainer on who will always win. Dont get me wrong its absolutely a beautiful piece and doesnt conflict with your decor but the dynamics just arent there. But hey Im a sucker for polycarbonates. Ahhhh I suppose only time will tell whether or not this piece yellows and scratches. Honestly I would recommend the Marble tic tac toe as it includes 5-Xso and 5-0s. Otherwise its cute or whatever.

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