White Horses 1

ArtistIrene Suchocki
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Dimensions60''W x 1.25''D x 23''H
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   3.5 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 70% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Texas Girl | Plano, TX | 3/11/2019

Loved the photo - did not like the glitter

I saw this in the store and it was actually on the floor so I didn\t really notice the glitter. Once is got it home all I can see is the glitter. The photo is beautiful and in my opinion the glitter absolutely ruins it. I\m going to have to return this because I can\t take the glitter.

Age: 51 to 60
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: In-Store
   Citygirlw | Dallas Texas | 10/20/2018


This is one of my favorite art pieces from Z Gallerie. It's beautiful with just the right amount of sparkle %

Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Female
Dwelling: House
   JessicaDoodle | Boise ID USA | 10/3/2018

Loved online but not in person

I was so excited to order this piece once I saw it online but then saw it in-person and theres a ton of glitter on the bottom where the water is at the horses hooves. This definitely did not show up online came across a little cheap with all the glitter. I almost thought of scrapping off the glitter because I loved the picture so much. Ive boughten several pieces at ZGallerie and this was the first disappointment. I just know Ill eventually find something that will work. If this hadnt had the glitter I would have boughten it right there on the spot. The horses the background the coloring on this canvas is gorgeous just minus the glitter in the water.

Age: 25 to 34
Gender: Female
Dwelling: House
   Art2Love | Houston TX USA | 11/30/2017


Beautiful art work.Subtle glitter that catches the light. I love all animals but I never thought I would love a painting of horses as much as I do this painting.This piece captures the beauty and strength of horses in motion.The shape and dimensions go great above my bed.Highly recommend!!

Thank You