Gift Card
Gift Card
Having trouble making a decision? Make it easy with the purchase of a Z Gallerie Gift Card. A great gift idea for any occasion.

Simply enter an amount for the Gift Card below. Gift Cards are available in any multiple of $5 and can go up to $995. If you wish to purchase a card for more than this amount, please call a Customer Relations Consultant at 1-800-908-6748. You can change gift card quantities in your shopping cart if you need more than one gift card of the same amount.

Gift Cards are mailed in a Z Gallerie decorative card box stating To/From and the amount. Your Gift Card can be shipped free via the U.S.P.S, 5 to 9 business days (not traceable); Standard 5 to 9 Business Day Service ($4.00) or Standard Plus 2 to 4 Business Day Service ($8.00), Standard and Standard Plus services are traceable. When combined with other merchandise shipping charges will be calculated only on the merchandise portion of the order (shipping is free for Gift Cards when combined with other merchandise in the same order). All gift cards ordered with other merchandise will ship separately. To begin your Gift Card purchase, enter the amount below - you can change the quantity in your shopping bag.

Enter a multiple of $5 up to $995:

You can also purchase a Gift Card at any Z Gallerie Store or via phone by contacting a Customer Relations Consultant at 1-800-908-6748 . For questions regarding Z Gallerie Gift Cards, e-mail us at

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