Hugs & McKinley Polar Bear

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   4.8 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 96% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Andrea | Long Beach, CA | 3/15/2019

The most huggable bear on the planet!

I first bought one of these bears from a display in the store. Once I held it i could not leave without it and have since bought three others.This is the most cuddly and huggable stuffed animal I have ever held. ♥️

Age: 51 to 60
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Aparment/Condo
Purchased: Online
   MontanaG | Ensenada B.C. Mexico | 6/23/2018

Love my bear!!

I have been wanting this bear since I saw him first time in a trip to LA. Yeasr later I saw him in San Diego and didnt buy it. Finally when I decided to buy it ZGallerie had no business any more in San Diego. This time I was walking by Rodeo Drive and ran into the store. I entered directly to my objective. I got it! and I am so happy! It is a piece very well detailed. Great companion to hug I love my bear!! I will buy the big one in the near future not wait any more so many years No no.

   Goddess | Bel Air Los Angeles CA USA | 12/14/2016

Very soft and cuddly.

My daughter loved the polar bear I purchased. She requested it.However my overall impression of the goods in the store is that it has become overly glitzy. A mixture of more modulated styles plus the glitz would I think improve the quality and appeal of the store. The whole concept of merchandise was better several years ago. There are never very many people in the stores lately.

   jayne2357 | Houston TX USA | 11/18/2016

Ditz Polar Bear

I bought the large bear and two cubs. They are first rate quality and so plush! I would highly recommend them for a child of any age including my age (60 years young). They are adorable and when you are feeling a little down their hugs are endearing!

   Lynn62 | Florida USA | 1/29/2016

I love this polar bear bought as gifts to a kid and an adult child they both love it. Very cuddly.

I love this polar bear. Very high quality and cuddly. Bought as gifts to both a kid and adult child. They both love it.

   Jilian | Cleveland OH USA | 1/28/2016


Bought this for my daughter and it was so plush and great quality that I bought 2 more for my nieces. Then my best friend fell in love with them when they arrived so I bought her one as well. Love the weighted feet and leather claws. Wonderful attention to detail.

   Jujubeansmom | Palm Beach FL USA | 1/27/2016

Not your average plush animal!

I bought Hugs for my 11 year old daughter as one of her Christmas gifts and she was ecstatic when she saw it next to the tree! Bear is high quality super soft and smoochy perfect for cuddling with all night. Well worth the money!!

   g707 | Scottsdale AZ USA | 1/27/2016


Gave a bear to each of my 7 grandchildren and it was the hit of Christmas. Their mothers complained that they didnt get one so now Im ordering more for birthdays!! I have the small and the large one and they are so soft and cuddly -- just wonderful!!

   Gadgetman | Bradenton FL USA | 1/27/2016

If you cant have a live pet this bears close

My girl friend / partner and I have jobs that do not support having a live pet. Having grown up with pets she really missed the feeling of cuddling with a pet and feeling the presence of an animal when home alone. When she saw the large bear and saw the range of expression it provided how soft it was and how life like it felt she was sold. Feeling a little funny about purchasing a stuffed bear she went back to the store three or four times each time feeling more strongly that this bear made her feel good whenever she saw it .So as a surprise I ordered it online . It was delivered quickly . Since giving it to my partner she continues to find different ways to position the bear on the bed . She also places it in other rooms. The fact that it continues to give her pleasure having it in the house makes me happy and feel like it as a good purchase and value. I hate to admit it but when she is not home the bear in a way gives me the same feeling as I used to have when I saw my dog sleeping peacefully on the bed with its eyes looking at you.

   carolina59 | Sarasota FL USA | 12/30/2015

Best gift I ever got

This bear is a perfect friend. Ive paid attention to some other reviews and am trying to keep him clean as cleaning does not seem to be practical.

   Arli103 | New York NY USA | 12/29/2015

Little Bear

I wanted my little Bear for years. I finally treated myself. I love her. Bought one for my granddaughter. Shes 19.So soft and cuddly

   OhioRN | Ohio USA | 7/1/2015

Worth the money!

Lovely hearty plush bear. A hit with my grandkids ages 7 & 9.

   hbro | San Francisco CA USA | 12/26/2014

Super Soft Bear

This was the best Christmas surprise for my daughter. She loved this sweet perfectly soft bear. She is 8.

   Lulubelle | Staten Island NY USA | 11/19/2014

Love my huggable bear.

Loved this bear so much more to share the hugs with family and friends

   Laguna242 | Newport Beach CA USA | 7/26/2014

Wonderful bear

I am a 60 year old woman who loves my bear. 2 years ago I saw him at Z Gallerie and asked for him for my birthday. Hes perfect to sleep with like one of those body pillows and hes so lifelike. One problem is he gets dirty and I tried washing him. You cant do that because hes never the same again. I still sleep with him but I bought a new one also and wont wash him. I wish I knew how to keep him clean and good shape.

   Jean46 | Bloomington IL USA | 6/7/2014

So cuddly

Beautiful soft and fluffy...very cuddly and well made. My grandchildren ages 7 and 2 1/2 named him Olaf and will babysit him while I am gone three weeks to see the real polar bears in Spitsbergen. He has the cutest features of any I have seen and is well worth the money! Dont hesitate to order.

   blue1 | New Saratoga CA 95070 USA | 4/19/2014

Love this bear

I actually have 2 of the large ones (first one was borrowed but unexpectedly returned). Know how they sell those body pillows for people that like to have something to cuddle with? This serves that purpose and is so much more awesome. I actually took mine with me during a stay in the hospital and it made me feel better! Its also a great pillow when reading in bed.Highly recommended - regardless of age :-)

   sunmountain527 | Santa Fe NM USA | 2/11/2014

Most amazing bear

I have always loved McKinley the stuffed polar bear when I would go into the gallery. Once I saw the large momma version of this bear with the baby next to it I knew I had to find a place in my home for it. The pair now sit on my bed during the day and if my husband leaves town they sleep with me! Huggable and oh so soft I love them. I think they bring the inner child out in all adults. I have since bought two more for my teenage granddaughters and they have fallen in love as well. For guys that are trying to tug on someones heartstrings this is the perfect gift. It would be nice to have it made as a brown bear as well.

   kimmie26 | 11/1/2013

Love it!

We are so in love with both the small and large polar bears! I have one and I bought another as a gift. Very well made plush cute faces... dont hesitate to buy one!

   sfmama2010 | San Francisco CA USA | 8/20/2013

Super cute but you cant wash it.

This polar bear is very cute fun to cuddle with and soft. Both my kids have one. Only problem is once you wash it its no longer the same polar bear. I washed both the bears once and it now looks like an ugly polar bear and its a bit lumpy. So you should dry clean it or just buy a new one. I plan on buying new ones since they love the bears so much.

   Tweetzer | Rochester Hills Michigan | 5/8/2013

Very Attractive Accessory

I saw this bear draped over a sofa in the store in Florida which gave me the idea to do it at home and I love it! Wish Hugs was available also.

   Squirrel | Seal Beach CA USA | 4/22/2013

This is the most amazing bear ever!

McKinley is a great snuggler he wraps his arms around my neck and makes a wonderful pillow ! He is the perfect size and has a soft body but still keeps his shape. Plushe never snores! more thing he has super cute pads on his feet along with individual black nails made of leather!!! Great details !

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