Axis Floor Mirror

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   4.5 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 91% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Lisa | Massapequa, NY | 1/10/2019


I just put my mirror up and it is really a head turner competes the whole room. Hopefully it is quality and will remain this beautiful.

Age: 31 to 40
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: Online
   BJH1974 | Pittsburgh PA USA | 3/2/2018

Avoid at all cost dont fall victim

I purchased the Axis Mirror because like everyone else I believed that it provided a stunning visual appearance. This remains true until the piece slowly begins to fall apart. The mirror is poorly made and simply cannot support its own weight. In time all the several pieces of beautiful beveled mirror begin to shift from their perfectly spaced patterned gaps and begin to close together and in some spots even overlap themselves. Cracks start showing up in from one corner to the next and various spots in between. An item of this expense should last much longer than 12 months. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this.

   Twinklenoah | Deltona FL USA | 11/6/2017

Absolutely stunning mirror!!

I had my eye on this mirror for a while. I finally purchased it. I am so happy with it. It is in my Master bedroom. It is such a beautiful piece. I have not had a problem with any cracks yet (just got it). My husband and I were able to hang it. Very heavy mirror. Well worth the $1000 price tag!!

   TeddyMoiya | TeddyMoiya | 6/24/2017


A very stunning mirror! Added so much elegance to our room. We love it so much and its definitely a show stopper! You wont regret this purchase!

   KristinARGA | Dacula GA | 2/20/2017


Oh wow!!! I waited a very long time to purchase this mirror due to the price tag but I have NO regrets! It is a head-turning jaw-dropping masterpiece. It sat on the floor of our formal dining room until we could get help lifting it. Hung it with a heavy duty z-bar hanger and it seems very solid. No one will walk in your home without complimenting your superb decorating style!! LOVE IT! Praying we do no end up with with micro cracks.

   WhitneyB | Bethlehem PA USA | 12/14/2016

Versatile design for many aesthetic styles

I adore this mirror. It is the piece de resistance of my mid-century/global/luxe styled living room. The price was worth it in quality and visual impact alone. My apartment is very small but has high ceilings and the mirror is a great way to circulate the light and keep it feeling open. Enjoy making your mirror masterpiece!

   WendyG | Chicago IL USA | 6/12/2016

Dont do it

Every review is correct in that this piece is beautiful in the beginning. I am experiencing the same problem another reviewer spoke about that noted the cracks just keep on coming. I remember looking over the mirror when it was delivered and not believing it was perfect not a scratch. One day I noticed one and as I started to look they were all over the mirror. The mirror hangs on a wall with the extra support it needs and is never touched as I have something on the same wall underneath it to avoid anyone getting close to it and it still has 10 plus cracks. Just know that the perfection of the piece doesnt last long.

   KaySssDee | Stamford CT USA | 2/14/2016


Absolutely stunning! This mirror will bring any to life. Whether it is hung or up against the wall it's a winner. It's a must buy.

   Liz1983 | New Jersey USA | 12/26/2015


This mirror is stunning!! Definitely the nicest mirror I have ever seen. It will look great in any room great quality but very heavy!

   C2015 | 10/16/2015

floor mirror

Beautiful statement mirror! Came with a few minor cracks and a few more happened when trying to hang is extremely heavy and difficult to stabilize on wall hooks - takes at least 2 persons.

   Yesssplease | North Bergen NJ USA | 10/16/2015


Phenomenal accent piece beautiful quality!Def a must have!xo

   BunbunsMommy619 | Orange County CA USA | 5/18/2015


Ive been eyeing this mirror for 4 years now and my husband got me it for Mothers Day!!!! It goes perfectly in my room!!! I cant believe how beautiful it is! It still wows me every time I look at it. Worth every penny!

   mdove | San Francisco CA USA | 11/1/2014

Beautiful Very Heavy Modern Floor Mirror

Great mirror and very modern. Extremely heavy to move and the mirror chips easily if not moved properly. Elegant and a focal piece in any home or business. I used it to decorate at a wedding reception.

   DesignAddict | San Antonio TX USA | 7/26/2014


I was hesitant to spend this money on a mirror despite its size however the reward of it being in your home is unreal. This mirror is by far the most eye catching hypnotizing design with a definite woo factor that will linger. I have this in my bedroom behind a mod leather chair in a sitting area. Its the first thing that draws my eye when I enter every time. Its heavy sturdy & so worth it!

   Keish | Atlanta | 6/20/2014

This Mirror is a show stopper!

This mirror is in my bling room which happens to be in my formal dining room. Its definitely a conversation piece! I love love love it!

   jtr83 | Long Island New York USA | 12/18/2013

Stunning mirror!!

This is the second mirror I have ordered from ZGallerie. The Axis floor mirror is stunning! I have it hung horizontally on an entry wall. It is beautiful and unique. Customer service is excellent.

   eloine2014 | PA | 10/28/2013

Stunning Mirror

I saw this mirror in the restaurant of a 5 star hotel (Ocean Club Hotel Cape May).This is a real statement piece. Although it is $1000...I have to say it is worth the money. I really REALLY want this for my living room.Ohhh honey......!

   LenandFee | Amherst NY USA | 8/23/2013

This mirror is a SHOWPIECE!

We bought a new home and I am redoing everything in white black and mirror. I had been looking for a unique mirror that would wow. This mirror does just that. Its still in the box. but Ive shown 4 people a peek and they are just speechless. It is GORGEOUS! Im waiting for the arrival of my mirrored table that I purchased here but I paired it with 6 ghost chairs from someplace else. My dining room is going to be a showplace! This is definitely a head turner!

   Mimi | Florida | 3/15/2013

Absolutely Stunning!

I first saw this mirror in store...let me tell you my head did a double take! It takes center stage in a room reflecting the lighting beautifully! Definitely a must have!

Thank You