Harmony 3

Deborah Pearce


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21.25"h x 21.25"w x 1.75"d
  • Print framed in a silver scoop moulding.
  • 1 of 4 in a series.
Pearce's keen sense of portraiture was evident from childhood, selling her first portrait at age ten. In high school she was taught by the famous naturalist painter Robert Bateman, who inspired his students. After university, Pearce won a Canada Council Grant to travel to, and paint, the people of East Africa. When she returned she exhibited her work and had her first sell out solo show at the age of twenty four.                                                    

As a portrait painter her work celebrates the beauty and perfection of anatomy. Pearce has an extensively experienced eye for detail and the visual vocabulary to capture the essence of her subjects with minimal gestures. With these skills she has drawn a following of students through her long history of teaching. Pearce is an instructor in life drawing, portraiture, painting and drawing. Her work is typically achieved in oil, pastel, acrylic and charcoal.
  • Print framed in a silver scoop moulding.
  • 1 of 4 in a series.
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