Tamara W.


Customer since 2005
from Minneapolis, MN.

what was your first purchase at z gallerie?

A set of glassware.

tell us about your first home decorating project?

When we first bought our home we had no idea where to begin! Since we were newlyweds, I knew I needed stylish and affordable pieces. I decided to work on our dining room first and almost 7 years later, I still love the feel of it.

what sets z gallerie apart?

I love the unique touches. There is a little something for everyone at Z Gallerie. I love mixing silver and gold as well as faux fur and leather. Z Gallerie knows how to do that and do it well!

what's your favorite z gallerie memory?

Growing up we'd visit my aunt in Dallas and shop at Z Gallerie together, just the girls! I still love doing that with my mom to this very day.

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