Gone are the days of his-and-hers towels. But when you move in with your significant other, you still find yourself combining two households into one. You go for warm, sentimental, retro; they love a more modern, masculine vibe. So how do you strike the right balance when two people with different tastes move into a single space? Our Z Gallerie Style Solver for Couples infographic offers a wealth of good decorating tips for couples.

First, decide which items are a must for your space—those things that have personal meaning. Maybe it's the piece of art you brought back from a trip to Paris or a rocking chair that resided on your porch growing up. What do you truly love that you want to display in your space?

Most homes rely on a mix of newly purchased furniture and home decor, along with an assemblage of hand-me-downs. A brand-new sofa may sit alongside, say, a lamp you had in your childhood bedroom and a thrift store coffee table you purchased in college. Together, take an inventory of the items you have, and decide which items both of you likes and which neither of you likes. Then, edit accordingly.

Do you spend your quality couple time in the living room catching up on episodes of your favorite show? Or do you enjoy cooking a from-scratch meal together? Work on creating cohesive decor in the rooms that hold the most meaning to both of you first, then define the style you both envision for your space. If you're feeling stuck, head to Pinterest or design magazines to identify spaces you both love, and create an inspiration board.

Once you find common ground, choose a palette—hues you both love—and begin by incorporating furnishings and colors into your shared spaces. Perhaps a retro-inspired chair in a rich aubergine with sculptural metal accents for the vintage lover and sleek chrome-plated light fixtures and masculine wall hangings for the partner with the more modern taste.

Fall in love with your partner all over again as you find common ground through the home decor process.

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