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Jessi Malay's Room Makeover Reveal
Jessi's New Living Room
We transformed Jessi's new space into a retreat that's 100% her.
First up? Art, always.
We've used our expertise to transform Jessi's place into her own personal gallery
Jessi in her new livingroom Artwork: Fresco 2
Jessi's coffee table makeover Royce Corner Chair
I needed art for my entire home. They showed me how to pick art for a well-designed room. -jessi malay
Shop Jessi's dining room
A few of her picks? Texture pieces that felt au natural
Jessi updating her dining table
Jessi's glittering dining room art.
Artwork adds a really important layer - Lucie Ayres
Jessi's glam gallery wall
Next up - Luxe bedroom makeover
We want a bedroom that will  feel relaxing and help us recharge after long days. -jessi malay
shop Jessi's bedroom
I can always count on Z Gallerie for gorgeous bedroom furniture, bedding, and decor... - Lucie Ayres
Jessi and her new baby!
Lucie stayed true to Jessi's styleof clean, white and serene, using it as a guide when layerig her new bed and nightstands.
Jessi's bed tray Claremont chairs
Omni side table Jessi's new bedroom bench
I love how Lucie combined modern and glam accents with organic elements to create a space that is interesting, unexpected, and balanced. -jessi malay
Voila. Mission Makeover accomplished. See more amazing makeovers

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