Spring / Summer 2019

Spring /

Summer 2019

Spring/Summer 2019 brings home all the luxe you love in chic essentials & statement-making splurges. Make your space 100% you with bold new colors, softest-ever textiles, and one-of-a-kind artwork. Personalize your place with inspiring finds from our latest collection, picked by our favorite influencers from coast to coast.

"Z Gallerie's latest collection is full of fresh statement pieces that give each space that wow factor!”

- Taryn Newton

"Bigger and bolder for the season, my spring picks are all about ushering in a fresh twist to your space."

- Alex Young

"The new Spring/Summer collection has a lot of glam and a bit of whimsy, which fits my style perfectly."

- Whitney Jones

“Z Gallerie’s new collection allows me to stay on trend with the latest home decor, without breaking the budget!"

- Heather Connor

“Zgallerie is an eye popping experience - filled with beautiful, luxe and affordable home decor."

- Alicia Taylor

"This collection is so impressive! The good thing is, you can make your home summer-ready without breaking the bank."

- Kerry Harris
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